Amanda (mother to Lachlan 5 and Olivia 2)
Viv helped me prepare for the birth of my first child. I was feeling terrified about it and Viv taught me relaxation and visualisation techniques to help remove my fears. I wanted a natural birth for my baby and from Viv’s help I was able to experience a relatively short labour with no epidural.
I also used the hypnotherapy techniques to help with difficulties I had breastfeeding. After experiencing a condition called “Raynauds” of the nipple which is extremely painful, Doctors told me there was no solution for relief except to put my baby on the bottle. I successfully breastfed my son until he was 2yrs 7months by using the hypnotherapy techniques Viv taught me.
With the birth of my daughter, I used the hypnotherapy to calm myself and connect, deep inside with my baby during the labour contractions, at times feeling little or no pain at all. The labour was short and no epidural or intervention was needed.
I will be forever grateful to Viv for showing me the tools & techniques I needed to experience two natural births of healthy babies and being able to continue breastfeeding both my children.
I met Vivienne at quite a low point in my life, when my partner and I were trying to fall pregnant. Unfortunately we were having no luck and after 3 rounds of IVF failed, we decided to give up trying. We figured it just wasn’t going to be our destiny to have a child. After only one hypnotherapy session with Viv I fell pregnant! We are now blessed with a beautiful little boy, and I have Viv to thank for it. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Thanks Viv!


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