Pregnancy Programmes

One of my favourite and most rewarding jobs is working with pregnant women and women with their new babies. I remember my first ever client for one of my pregnancy programmes – when she came to me at 38 weeks pregnant I was uncertain that I could do very much for her but I tried my best. We discussed her hopes and fears and I conducted a single 1 hour session. A few weeks later (babies are rarely ‘on time’) I received a call saying the baby boy had arrived after an uncomplicated and joyful 4 hour labour. The mother was delighted with the work we had done and said she could hear my voice in her head when things got tough, giving her strength and reminding her to trust her body and her baby.

As a modern society one of the things we seem to have achieved along with all the marvelous technology is to pathologise pregnancy. It is not a disease it is a natural state. So natural in fact that none of us would be here without it…
Our understanding is that fear creates pain or worsens pain. I can recall a story telling of Dr Granty Dick-Read attending a woman in the London slums in the 1930s – the woman had just given birth to a baby without fuss or drugs. When the Dr asked her about it she told him it hadn’t hurt. “Should it have hurt, doctor?”
My aim with my pregnancy programmes is to guide the woman’s subconscious to let go of all the outside chatter and negative impressions and stories about birth. Every birth is a different event and whilst a woman may labour at similar times with each of her babies, each pregnancy, birth and baby is an individual and different from the next. The one thing that is consistent is the knowledge that the baby and the mother’s body are to be trusted. Once instinct kicks in all the rest falls away. It is this that makes the difference and is the lasting legacy of this work.
Contrary to what you have heard and seen in the media birth can even be pain free! After a Childbirth Programme consultation labour is often shorter, and fewer if any drugs are needed.  Bonding between mother and baby can be quicker and the mother is likely to feel better quicker too.
Working with mothers and babies is also a rewarding experience. Of course these sessions are often interrupted by hungry babies and the requirement to feed. In my Post-Natal Programme I have helped  both mothers and babies who had difficulty with feeding for a variety of reasons.
I have extended my practice into helping women overcome fertility issues. There are many potential causes of infertility – physical and emotional. My Fertility Programme helps women overcome emotional roadblocks to falling pregnant.
Please browse through the pages on each of the pregnancy programmes I offer. As always if you’d like to have a no-obligation confidential chat about your circumstances just pop your details in the form below and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as I can.