Hypnotherapy Facts

So, what is hypnotherapy and hypnosis?
Our brains transition throughout the day through several states of consciousness. We can feel this as we day dream, feel alert or doze… these are all specific brain wave states which come and go many times throughout the day. Everyone experiences them but not everyone realises this is what is happening.
Now, can you picture that moment as you slip into sleep? Or the moment as you are awakening? During these moments we are in a specific brain wave state known as the alpha brain wave state. This is also known as a Hypnogogic state and is pretty much what hypnosis, or being hypnotised, feels like. Your body is completely physically relaxed and your mind is floating between sleep and consciousness. People who have been under hypnosis often say they heard only some of what was said to them. This is rather like the ‘in between’ sleep-wake state.


It is believed that if we divide the brain’s activity into conscious and subconscious awareness then only 1/10 or 10% is under conscious control! That means that the whopping 90% of the brain responsible for all our ‘unconscious’ behaviour  – habits, fears, beliefs and conditioning – can easily over-ride the conscious mind. The function of hypnosis is to access that 90% and re-organise or counter existing and unwanted habits, fears, beliefs and conditioning. Is it any wonder we find it difficult to do things differently with will power alone?
During a session of hypnosis or hypnotherapy, the therapist will guide your brain and body to a state of relaxation where the conscious mind is switched off and the subconscious mind is the predominant ‘figure’. There is no magic or trickery in hypnosis, and the person being hypnotised must be relaxed and trusting for hypnosis to work.
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