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Exam stress and anxiety manifests itself in many ways. You may be noticing that the normal behaviour of a student has changed in a subtle, or not so subtle way:
•     has an outgoing student become quiet and withdrawn?
•     has a well-behaved student started to act out?
•     is behaviour in general on a downward spiral?
•     is absenteeism a problem?
Are you seeing problems impacting the school as a whole?
•     are grades starting to slide across the board?
•     what of your school’s ranking in the league tables?


Quite often the real scale of the exam-stress problem is unknown, with many suffering students simply flying under the radar. It can be difficult to respond when the true scale and cause of the problem is unknown.



children in the examination halls


We all know that exam time is a very stressful time and not only for the students – teachers feel the elevated stress levels, and parents and family are quite often at the receiving end of a stressed-out teenager’s moodiness and anxiety.


Unfortunately most responses are only provided once the student has reached a state of complete overwhelm.


Rather than trying to pick up the pieces at the end, I have developed a program that teaches students a variety of skills they can use which improve concentration, retention and recall, and reduce stress and anxiety. Better academic performance is achieved through improved confidence and development of more effective study techniques. The programme provides a solid foundation in skills that can be utilised to overcome negative thoughts, improve confidence and ultimately deal with stress and anxiety around exam time.


The benefits in terms of student health, happiness and well-being are obvious. However improvements in exam results and ultimately school ranking in academic tables is also a very tangible and realistic outcome.


The programmes I deliver are highly tailorable, the details of which are developed in consultation with the school.


Please contact me at or fill in the form below and I will be in touch to discuss how we might work together on a programme for your school.