For Parents

You know how as parents you worry and are anxious about the stress your child is under during important exams. Do you ask yourself questions like:
When will these mood swings stop?
What if they don’t get the results they want?
What can I do to help when they have a meltdown?
 Well what we do is provide the essential support and skills your child needs to conquer their stress and to thrive during their exams.
The children we’ve helped are happier, less stressed and deal with anxiety on the spot. They are also more confident going into their exams.

Dan, 15 – The course has been really interesting so far and I have learnt some great techniques to combat stress and anxiety. The techniques really work – I used them yesterday when I was feeling nervous just before a biology practical test and it calmed me down

If your child is suffering now, or if you are concerned at all, simply send me an email at and I’ll get in touch to discuss how I will be able to help.


Mother Helping Stressed Teenage Daughter Looking At Laptop


As a parent do any of the following statements sound familiar to you?
•     Are you anxious about your child’s upcoming exams?
•     Is your child showing signs of stress and anxiety and you don’t know how to help?
•     Is your child doing OK but they want to achieve higher marks?
•     Are you afraid your child won’t get the marks they need to pursue their dream career?
•     Do you have the tools to help them through periods of stress, worry and overwhelm?
•     Can you recognise the signs of anxiety or overwhelm in your child?

Aimee, 17 – Before my sessions with Viv I felt stressed, worried and unhappy about my AS exams. I have learned valuable strategies to help me relax and relieve my stress, which I regularly use. I definitely recommend the programme to everyone sitting exams! This has helped me relax and become happier whilst still working hard!

It is unlikely that we’ll ever be able to influence the way examinations are conducted or change the way these ‘high-stakes assessments’ determine so much of our children’s futures. What we can do is help our kids develop the skills they need to deal with exam stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Its what I’m passionate about and I’d love to help you help your child.
Again, if you are at all concerned about your cild simply send me an email to, or use the form on the right of the page, and I’ll back in touch to discuss how I can help.