Exam Stress and Study Programmes

Examinations represent the culmination of many years investment in time and energy by students, teachers and parents. Rightly or wrongly exam results often determine the path taken by students for the remainder of their lives.
The consequences of not achieving the desired results can and do weigh heavily on the minds and shoulders of these young people.
Whilst ‘exam nerves’ are to be expected, a huge number of students are overwhelmed by exam stress and anxiety. Studies have concluded that stressed or anxious students achieve grades up to one and a half bands lower than their peers. Indeed, the impact of stress and anxiety is felt by even the smartest students, with many achieving exam results well below what was anticipated.

Exam Stress a Growing Problem


In the United Kingdom the NSPCC – the peek child protection organisation – reported for the academic year 2013-2014 a 200 percent increase in the numbers of young people seeking help for exam stress and nerves. This issue is one that needs to be addressed for the sake of the continuing health of our young people.


Stress Student


I work with students as a part of my practice, providing techniques and guidance to help them with improved study habits, information retention and recall, and management and reduction of stress and anxiety. The programmes I run provide tangible benefits in terms of reduced stress and anxiety and improved academic results.
If you are a parent or carer and would like to know how I might be able to help your young person look here. If you are a representative of your school and would like more information on how I might be able to assist go here.