Bach Flower Case Studies

Joe was a 45 year old male who worked hard for a living. He worked away from home and did a lot of driving and spending nights away from home. He was a senior executive and had a high pressure job. Joe was unable to sleep well and was constantly feeling tired. He had a mask of jolly-ness but was hiding inner disharmony and could never ask for help. He was bored with his career but didn’t want to leave it as he was fearful of not earning money.
Joe’s story revealed he was a real slogger – he worked hard and took little or no breaks. He was tired but continued. He has an OAK personality.
I gave him OLIVE for his exhaustion and this remedy could work either to knock him out for the sleep he really needed or provide him with energy. It did both.
The mask of ‘life and soul of the party’ is typical of the need for AGRIMONY.
MIMULUS was added for the fear of not earning money (fear of known things).
His career was giving him no spark of interest and he didn’t really see a future in it so I gave him WILD OAT.
Finally I gave Joe WALNUT for all the change going on in his life and the constant driving from one place to the other.
At first Joe slept sounder for a few days, even finding he had to take an almost unprecedented day off work. Then he had more energy. Joe also surprised himself one day at work in the first week of the remedy by asking someone for assistance. He was astounded.
Within a week he was happier than he had been in quite a while, but was still feeling a little off. By the end of the second week he felt like his old self again. Joe finished the bottle around the end of the third week and felt there was no need to come for a further consultation for now.


CASE STUDY 2 – Sophie
Sophie and her daughter Elizabeth came to me for assistance as Sophie was feeling sad. When I investigated her story I learned that she was unable to say ‘no’ to her 3 year old daughter and so never really had a rest. Sophie was a bit downtrodden by her husband as well. She was unhappy with her life in general and felt sad.
CENTAURY is the remedy I gave Sophie for being downtrodden with the aim of getting her to stand up for herself with her husband and daughter.
I added GENTIAN for the sadness which was in response to Sophie’s position of being at the bottom of the pack.
As the change to find her place higher in the pecking order would be difficult she also received WALNUT.
The remedy started to work almost immediately with Sophie standing up to her daughter and husband to their surprise. As a result she was in a much happier state when I saw her a week later. She continued to take the remedy until finished cementing the beneficial results.


CASE STUDY 3 – Hannah
I saw eight year old Hannah as her mother brought her to me as she was being bullied at school. There was a boy in her class who would kick and punch her. It was not at a point where Hannah was truly distraught but she was un-nerved and upset by it, not knowing how to handle it.
WILLOW is the remedy of the victim and Hannah needed this as she was being victimised and saw herself clearly in that role.
Feeling unable to redress the balance I gave Hannah LARCH for a lack of confidence and GENTIAN for feeling miserable when the bullying occurred.
The teachers at school were unaware of the severity of the bullying as Hannah would ‘put on a brave face’. The cure for this is AGRIMONY.
As Hannah came to see me soon after the bullying began I gave her RESCUE REMEDY for the trauma and emergency of the situation. It was my intention to see how this worked and probably remove it for substitution with another remedy if she needed any further treatment.
We also spoke of other ways to deal with the trauma. I suggested she could think of the boy as friendly and nice.
The following day I heard from Sophie’s mother that she had returned from school with the news she had made friends with the boy and they had played together.
*Note – children often respond more quickly than adults as they have fewer barriers to the healing process.


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