Anxiety Programme

What is it?
If anxiety, fear, concern or phobias are affecting your relationships, work, health or sleep you may find relief by participating in the Anxiety Programme. The causes of anxiety and phobias are many and varied, and may be real or imagined. It really doesn’t matter – the effect of the anxiety is real!
The Anxiety Programme involves identifying the underlying triggers for the anxiety and then putting in place new beliefs via hypnosis, or providing specific Bach Flower remedies, or both. The net outcome is freedom from the debilitating effects of anxiety and no more phobia.
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So how does it actually work?
 Vivienne will work with you to identify the underlying triggers for your anxiety. She will then design a treatment strategy that may involve hypnosis, Bach Flowers or both. The causes of anxiety may be complex and deeply rooted. Lasting relief may only be achieved after several treatment sessions. Vivienne will discuss this with you prior to the initial consultation.
What are the benefits of the Anxiety Programme?
There are many benefits of using the Anxiety Programme including:
  • Improved sleep
  • Better relationships at home and work
  • Clarity of thought
  • Participate fully in life
  • Take on new challenges
  • Regain enthusiasm and confidence
Is it risky?
There are no risks associated with the Anxiety Programme.
How do I take part in the programme?
If you’d like to discuss how to take part in the Anxiety Programme just pop your details in the form below and Vivienne will be in touch for a no obligation chat.