3As Exam Stress First Aid Kit – Don’t Be One of the 42% of Parents Who Don’t Know How to Help

Sometimes our children don’t show any outwards signs of being stressed, or at least their stress levels seem about ‘normal’ in the lead up to important exams.

Then, just before the exams commence, or worse during the exam, they have a mini-meltdown.

This is a terribly upsetting thing to witness as a parent, yet a shocking 42% of parents responding to a recent poll admitted that watching their children suffer during exams made them feel they were not good enough as parents.

Some, almost a third in fact, had offered cash to their children in the hope this would be an incentive to revise. How this helps reduce stress isn’t clear, however it does show how desperate some parents can become.

Here at 3As we’ve developed some very specific techniques parents can use with their children to reduce stress and to help their children thrive during exams. There are a few more details in this Facebook post.

The techniques are very simple to do and have a very impressive success rate. The good parts is that once learned, the techniques can be used over and over by the student any time they feel stress rising. Even in the middle of an exam.

There are some more details of the support we can provide here. You can also send me an email at vivienne@viviennehill.com if you’d like to discuss how I can help.

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