Sleep – More is better during exams


There is a lot of evidence pointing to the need for our teens to have 8-9 hours of restful sleep every night for peak performance.

The trouble is that quite often there is a disconnect between the school schedule and a teen’s natural sleeping rhythm. I’ve recently read a study which suggests most teens don’t ‘turn off’ until 11 pm – this is just a natural cycle that self-regulates as we get older. This makes it almost impossible to get the required amount of sleep if they need to wake in time for a school day.

Is there a need for school to adjust the start time to better align with what teens can deal with? Perhaps, but that is a discussion for another forum.

So, how do we encourage or help our teens get to sleep early enough? In my practice I’ve seen the benefits of using a range of approaches – meditation and relaxation MP3 specifically developed to help a teen turn off and go to sleep seem to work the best.

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You can also read some more of the scary brain science here.

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